Lab Alumni

listed in alphabetical order

Photo of Sarah

Sarah Gunderson - M.Sc. 2013

Pollination of Rubus idaeus in Algonquin Prov. Park

Jacob Houpt

Jacob Houpt NSERC USRA student - 2016

Jacob assisted with a number of projects, including the temporal dynamics of clonal growth in Sagittaria latifolia

Kathryn Tisshaw

Kathryn Tisshaw - M.Sc. 2019

Kat examined the ecological and evolutionary processes underyling regional differences in the formation of invasive hybrid cattails

Photo of Veronika

Veronika Wright - B.Sc. 2013

Veronika studied the physiological costs of reproduction in Sagittaria latifolia

Currently an Environmental Stewardship Techinician with Lower Trent Conservation

Considering Graduate studies?

Interested in plant ecology & evolution?

I am looking for graduate students at the M.Sc. and Ph.D. level who enjoy field work and are undaunted by statistics and/or computer programming. If you're interested in the ecology and evolution of plant reproduction, send me a quick email to find out about projects and funding opportunities in the lab. I am also open to new project ideas and my students have had success studying topics that complement the major research focus in the lab, such as conservation genetics and invasive plants.